Purchasing Opportunitites
The Hampton Roads Regional Jail Authority would like to welcome all vendors to submit bids or proposals for current procurement opportunities throughout the facility.

The purchasing function provides a centralized system for the acquisition of goods, services, insurance and construction and ensures that all goods and services are of appropriate quality and are acquired in a timely and cost effective manner at the least expense to the facility.

In addition, the Hampton Roads Regional Jail seeks to provide an equal and  competitive opportunity to all suppliers interested in doing business with our facility.  The administrative coordinator acts as the buyer for the Hampton Roads Regional Jail and represents the superintendent in all procurement activities. 

The administrative coordinator will be the main point of contact for all contractors and acts as the liaison between vendors and the various departments within the jail.

Deborah Hand
Administrative Coordinator / Buyer

Phone Number: (757)488-7500
Direct Line:   (757)217-2610
Fax:           (757) 488-2200
Email: handd@hr.rj.virginia.gov

All procurement procedures shall comply with the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA), Chapter 43 of the Code of Virginia. The Hampton Roads Regional Jail has adopted all mandatory sections of the VPPA.