Canteen Services

An inmate trust account is maintained to collect and disperse funds for each inmate.  Funds are received from the inmate upon arrival at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail and deposited into the Inmate Trust Fund.  As the inmate purchases canteen/commissary items, the costs are deducted from the inmate’s account.  Daily room and board fees are automatically deducted.  Family and friends may deposit funds into the inmate’s account via mail, kiosk, telephone, or the Internet.

Send Funds By Mail

Inmate’s Name & Number


P.O. Box 7609

Portsmouth, VA 23707

Payment Methods

•  Money Order

•  Certified Check

•  Cashiers Check

Touchpay Payments

You will need:
•  Facility Number (223701)
•  Inmate’s Name
•  Inmate’s Jail Control Number (JCA)

Kiosk: In the Jail’s Lobby
(cash, credit card and ATM only)

(credit card or debit card only)

By Phone: Call 1-866-232-1899
(credit card, check card or check only)