Programs Department

Programs Department- Ms. Sawyers

Ms. I. Sawyers

Programs Manager

The Programs Department ensures that inmates who have different needs are provided with services.  Inmates are screened upon their initial intake for educational, mental health, medical and any substance abuse educational requirements.  This information is used to assess and place inmates into appropriate service areas in programs.

Available Programs:

  •  Substance Abuse
  •  Veterans/Wounded Warrior
  •  Life skills
  •  Anger management
  •  GED, Pre-GED, ESOL
  •  Special Education
  •  Parenting
  •  Domestic Violence
  •  Addressing Lifestyles
  •  Religious services



The goal of the programs department at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail is to address the needs of inmates returning to the community using a holistic approach. The Reentry program will address the inmates’ physical, mental, and spiritual needs through various groups and activities.

The Reentry program will provide locality based services to offenders residing in the Hampton Roads Regional Jail from Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth and Norfolk. Hampton Roads Regional Jail is in collaboration with agencies to provide necessary services to assist offenders in being successful and eliminate the potential for recidivism.


All applicants for volunteer positions must submit both the Volunteer Application Form and the Confidentiality Agreement Form to the programs manager.